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I make your ideas tangible. Whether it’s a PR stunt, commercial, business event or a product release. To the point, in a few quick strokes, or eye-catching, in finished colours. Exactly what you need to present to your clients.


An image accompanying the mood of a text, explanatory drawings befitting educational editions, or intricate processes captured in one visual. I’m not stuck to one style, but choose the execution suited to the subject, and to the wish or budget of the client.

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Cartoon & Comic

Juicy lines, bright colours. Cartoons & Comics make you happy. Fit for children’s clothing, water resistant booklets or other kids items. But did you know that your company’s vision and mission can be conveyed through comics in a client friendly approach too?

Training in visualising

To lay down your ideas in eyecatching sketches, enabling your client to grasp them in a glimpse. A dream for most art directors. The art of drawing takes  a good deal of knowledge and skills like human anatomy, digital drawing, the human figure and perspective. I can help you develop these skills, to enable you to shape your ideas into reality.



By Hugo Bausch / Thursday December 7th, 2017

Smooth Animals

I started drawing Smooth Animals out of sheer fun. I love pets – they’re cute, ...

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Hugo Bausch
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