Blog van Hugo Bausch

Logistics Infographic
An infographic is a clear and concise way …
Book: Reboot
Artwork for Joël's bestseller Reboot in two versions: …
Comic & Cartoon: Animal Characters
The world of "Kids Bizz" requires a continuous …
Posters Royal FloraHolland
The making of a series of posters for …
Event Concept Sketches
Concept sketches can power up your presentation!
Rijkswaterstaat Kroonjuwelen
Book illustrations for a special edition of RIKZ.
Retail: Supermarket Positioning
Marketing presentations empowered by concept sketches
Jubilee Portrait
A jubilee portrait for your special staff member!
Corona: Wash Your Hands!
Series of instructional drawings on how to wash …
The making of: The Story of Birds
Using Kyle T. Webster brushes to create rich …
Heineken Event: “Seduce to Convert”
Creating a wallpaper decoration for a Heineken event.
Storyboard Postcode Loterij
The making of a storyboard for Postcode Loterij.
Innervation Key Muscles
Educational poster on motor innervation of muscle groups.