Pricing of Illustration

What do you charge for an illustration?
The price for an illustration is tailor made, and depends on a lot of things. The type of execution for instance, whether the artwork is supposed to be made in Illustrator (= vector based) or Photoshop (= pixel based), whether it’s black and white you want or full colour, whether its execution style is realistic or cartoony (realistic is by far the most costly). Then there’s the type of use. For example: in the cost of an illustration for a Dutch magazine the one-time-only usage will be included. But for an illustration for packaging that will be used worldwide and indefinitely as to duration, the fee will be different. So basically I can’t give you the price of an illustration up front, just give me a call to talk over the production and usage specs, then I can give you a quote. And even if the price is decided upon, it will change whenever in the process of making you decide to change your mind… To have some guideline, I may use the Illustration Contracts of BNO (Dutch Designers’ Association) or their General terms and Conditions, model contracts approved by the Dutch Tax Administration, or other legal documents, assembled here: Terms.

Underneath you will find examples of some types of illustrations and their prices (though they too may vary according to how much image content the illustration will consist of).

Example of portrait pricing 1
Example of portrait pricing 2
Example of portrait pricing 3

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