Pricing of Visualising

What is your price?
Easy question, difficult answer. My hourly rate for Visualising is €85, VAT not included. But the cost of an image depends on the type of execution (rough or finalised, in line or in full colour) and the amount of topics that have to be depicted (an apple with a worm crawling out will take less time than a full stadium of cheering fans).

Visualising is about making ideas come to life through images. Therefore it’s part of the conceptual process, and as it happens to be, that is prone to changes along the process of image making. I don’t give a final quote for an image, at best I can give an estimate. But a visual is ready only when the creative team is satisfied, and that may take several (and even a lot of) reviews. But in doing so, I facilitate the conceptual process, and that is why clients hire me.

But there are initial decisions to be made, that greatly affect the cost. Underneath you can find several options for image making, and their respective time (= price) estimates. Which option you need, ultimately depends on your relation to your client, their decision hierarchy and the power of your idea. Some loosely sketched ideas have been executed as powerful commercials, others have never made it, despite their artistic excellence. What to choose is up to you and your budget.

Example of a 10 minute sketch
10 minutes rough. No reading through 70 pages of briefings. The art director tells me directly what to do through a Zoom meeting, and I sketch it out simultaneously. A 1 on 1 session so to speak. Very powerful sketch but… rough indeed!
Example of a 45 minute sketch
45 minutes line work. Often an idea can be communicated through a “simple” line sketch without adding colour. But as you can see, this visual is executed in more refined details than the previous one.
Example of a 90 minute sketch
90 minutes full colour visual, typical for a storyboard. Most sketches I do are executed this way. Not too finalised, they’re just images to convey an idea.
Example of a 120 minute sketch
120 minutes full colour visual. When do you need such refinement in visualising? When you have this special atmosphere in mind, that adds to an idea. Or when you anticipate a lengthy hierarchal process through the decision making departments of a large organisation. At every step, the visual has to have enough power to speak for itself.
Example of a 150 minute sketch
150 minutes full colour visual. Refinement is not an issue here. Complexity is. Any intricate scene with large crowds and many expressions of emotion may take up to this amount of time.

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